Neev Citizen Civic Center / Single Window Center

A Neev Citizen Civic Centre is a central place where citizens come to avail of various government and private services. These centers are managed by professionally trained representatives of NEEV, supported by the government officials at the back-end. At this center NEEV tries to provide the entire ancillary services which citizens might need during their visit of the center like Notary, Photocopier, Digital Photo, Digital Signatures, etc. These representatives use computers in maintaining huge databases or to redress various services and these services are fee-based.

NEEV Citizen Civic Center

Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Assam, Chattisgarh, Haryana

NEEV, Cyber Infodev Pvt. Ltd. partnered with the district administration of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Assam, Chattisgarh and Haryana to implement its Citizen Civic Centre. These centers with the help of information kiosks, wide spread in entire district, would provide various services like Information of land records, Caste, Domicile, Income, Birth, Death certificates along with R.T.O. Services, Property Tax Collection, Water Tax Collection etc.. These e-Governance centers would be located strategically at Nagar Nigam / Collectorate / Tehsil Offices and would act as a feeding hub for other centers in the district. It will also act as a central point where the citizens can apply for the above-mentioned services, submit the required documents and collect the license or certificate within the shortest period of time.

Ancillary services like photographs, medical examination, driving test; vehicle inspection, etc. are also going to be provided at the same place. The applicant has to pay a nominal fee for the services to NEEV’s representatives apart from the government charges.

Implementation Model:

The model proposed for revamping the facilitation center is:

Neev Citizen Civic Center at District level : Situated at the DM / DC / Collector office premises, the District Citizen Civic Centre will be a central place where citizens can come to avail of various government services at District level such as PRC, Death, Birth certificates etc. within a specific time limit and without having to pay visit to branches. The Citizen Civic Centre at District office will work as a District Branch of Neev, which will monitor the activities of Tehsil / Block level e-Prashashan Kendra. They will also update District Administration and Neev, Head Office regarding the status of Tehsil / Block level Citizen Civic Centre on regular bases.

Neev Citizen Civic Center at Tehsil level : Operational at the Tehsil level, all the Tehsil offices would be integrated to District Citizen Civic Centre and monitored on a day to day basis with the help of an online portal. Each of the Tehsil offices would be managed by trained staffs from Neev and ably supported at the back end by Tehsil Officers and SDMs.

CSCs at Panchayat level : Neev, Cyber Infodev Pvt. Ltd. will integrate their Citizen Civic Centre with Kiosk centers.. These information kiosk centers are working at the Panchayat level and run and managed by a local entrepreneur.

The Kiosk centers would act as nodal centers in each Gram Panchayat for providing e – govt. solutions to citizens living within the vicinity of the Gram Panchayat. Each kiosk center would be attached to their respective Tehsil Office, which in turn would be integrated with the Citizen Civic Centre. The kiosk operators would be authorized to charge a fee from the citizens for the services rendered.

All three of them would be integrated to bring uniformity in process and data sharing from the District to panchayat level, besides ensuring efficient service delivery.

Neev Citizen Civic Center at Municipal Corporation/ Nagar Nigam Level:

Situated at the Muncipal Corporation head office and the associated circle offices. These centres are managed by Neev trained staff and they are collecting various type of taxes from citizens like Property Tax, Water Tax, Trade licenses, Birth Certificate, Death Certificate, Certificate verification etc. Cash collection against services has been deposited at the designated bank account of Municipal Corporation or the account department. Center in-charge update the daily report to concern executive officer of circle offices and the project in-charge reports to Municipal Commissioner.